Installation Service

Our installation service is ideal for those who purchased a new system from a DIY store or similar. To avoid the need to come and survey we have created Basic Installation. This is a package that encompasses most people's needs when installing Air Conditioning.  Here is what is included/not included and how much extra items are. The extra items must be paid for on the day if they were needed.

Air-conditioning consists of two parts - the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. These are connected with insulated copper tubes (in which fluorinated gas runs in liquid and gas states), electrical cable, communications cable and drain pipe for condensed water to drain out of the indoor unit. On indoor and outdoor walls these pipes/drains/cables are usually covered/hidden by white plastic cover called trunking or canaleta.

What’s included? 

  • Unboxing
  • Moving of normal household furniture that is not fixed to the wall to be able to access the installation location.
  • Mounting of indoor unit
  • Mounting of outdoor unit on the floor using rubber feet or wall on L shaped brackets also with rubber mounts.
  • Creation of holes through walls for interconnection pipes
  • Up to 3 meters of interconnecting drain pipe, copper, electrical and communication Also floor mounts or wall brackets to support the outdoor unit.
  • Connection of the outdoor unit to the electrical supply via either a wall plug or directly connected to the rear of a wall socket to maintain use of the socket. Where electrical supply cable runs outside this will not be in trunking/canaleta.
  • Up to 3 meters of drain pipe installed to the outdoor wall to drain condensed water from outdoor unit down to the floor level. (not in trunking/canaleta)
  • 3 meters of white trunking/canaleta
  • 1 x top cap for the trunking (if needed)
  • Vacuuming of interconnecting pipes to remove air before starting up.
  • Cleaning up and removal of boxes/packaging
  • Setting up of Wifi in your app if needed/ordered
  • Test and demonstration if needed.

Extra items;

Per extra meter supplied and installed of interconnecting insulated copper tubes, drain and electrics without trunking/canaleta - €13 plus iva per meter

Per extra meter supplied and installed of white plastic trunking/canaleta for interconnecting pipes - €19 plus iva per meter

Per extra meter supplied and installed of drain pipe - €3

Per meter of canaleta to hide drain pipe - €6

Per extra meter supplied and installed of electrical - €3

Trunking corner pieces/T pieces/elbows. - €6 plus iva per piece.

Dismantling of existing old units - €40

Green disposal of existing old units - €40

Additional Gas (usually needed if the distance between indoor and outdoor is more than the manufacturers pre charge distance circa 5-8m). - €18 plus IVA per 100g

Condensed water pumps supplied and fitted (needed where condensed water cannot drain away using gravity or where it is needed to be pumped to a different location. - €120 plus IVA each.

Specialist lifting equipment / scaffolding where the installation of the outdoor unit is higher than safe working on ladders permits. Prices on request.

Any community regulations / agreements for siting of outdoor units is the responsibility of the property owner or agent.

Any removal of trees/shrubs/rubbish etc to be able to access the installation location is also not included.