No Warranty if you use a non registered installer!

Since 2017 a Royal Decree was issued which created compulsory measures to ensure safety of the environment and customers alike. The Decree states that anyone handling, installing, repairing or re-gassing fluorinated gas products, specifically Air Conditioning must be Authorised and Registered with the Junta de Andalucia following a training course.

To enforce this the Junta put a process in place whereby any shop, business, online business selling Air conditioning had to a) give the buyer a form made up of two parts, part A and part B.

Part A is completed by the shop stating who they sold the Air Conditioning to on what date. Part B is to be completed by the installer stating their Junta registration number and it is the responsibility of the buyer to send that paperwork back to the supplier from where they bought the system. 

The protection given to YOU, the consumer, by this Law is that shops who sold you the equipment must honour the warranty IF it was installed by an Authorised Installer.   However, if the system was not installed by an authorised installer the warranty can usually become invalid! 

Rest assured that AirAndWaterChoices SL installation teams are Junta De Andalucia approved.  If you are unsure if an installer is or is not, ask for their registration number and they should also have this logo on their paperwork.