Aircon Covers FAQ

We hope to answer the most common questions in this section but if you cannot find your answer please email us at for a prompt response.

Will it fit my AC?

Our covers were designed to fit most common systems in domestic settings. Exact details are;

  • External AC systems up to 920mm wide x *708/650mm H x 500mm deep (708mm high if the L shaped brackets do not come off the wall more than 490mm. 650mm high if the L shaped brackets come off the wall more than 490mm)
  • The majority of AC systems up to 24,000 BTU/7kw (ducted and split external units) and most 3-1 Multi split external units.
  • L shaped brackets/supports that are 500mm long off the wall
  • Interconnecting pipes either in/out of plastic trunking and up to 75mm deep entering the AC system from either the left or right
  • Interconnecting pipes entering the AC system from either the top or bottom whether in or out of plastic trunking (usually installed tucked behind the AC system).

Please look at our pre-check document for full details, in English and Spanish

Also, please find a copy of the installation instructions here in English and Spanish.  The video also shows how easy they are to install.  A paper copy of both these documents is incouded in the box. 

Can they withstand high temperature?

Yes. The paint can withstand high levels of heat from the sun and UV as well as the heat from the air conditioning system itself.

Will it rust?

Aluminum is a precious metal that cannot rust. We then powder coat them with your colour. Powder-coated aluminum is therefore easy to clean, maintenance-free and durable. It is also important that the aluminum is pretreated for outdoor use, which is a matter of course for our products.

How good is the powder coating?

As the surfaces of the covers are stove enameled, the color is extremely robust and durable. Scratches are very difficult to achieve. The powder coating is also certified according to GSB / Qualicoat.

Before powder coating the aluminum is ground, washed and thus degreased and then phosphated. During phosphating, a so-called conversion layer is formed by chemical reactions of aqueous phosphate solutions with the metallic surface. The phosphate layer adheres very well to the substrate and, due to the microporous or microcapillary layer structure, allows good anchoring of subsequent coatings.

Is there a guarantee?

There is also a guarantee of 2 years for our powder coating (GSB or Qualicoat which are standards for powder coating).

Can the AC operate normally with a cover?

Yes, the covers were designed to provide optimal airflow whilst not compromising on the purpose of the covers which is to hide your AC unit. 

Is the paint resistant to salt air found on beachside properties?

Salt air is damaging to most metals such as steel, and when rust appears it can start to flake off poor thin applications of powder coat. Aluminum does not rust and is not susceptible to salt air and our powder coat is laid to high standards to avoid these issues.

Can you make other sizes?

Yes. If you have a project that requires larger, taller or bespoke design please get in touch.

Can you make different designs?

Yes. If you have a need for a specific design and your order is for more than 3 covers we can provide a bespoke solution/design. Please contact us for details. 

Can you make them in different colors ?

Yes, for orders of 3 or more covers. If you wish to order in a different colour you need to tell us what RAL colour (colour chart used in powder coating of metals). The chart can be found HERE and then please contact us on

How easy are they to install?

Simple! Drill 4 holes and lift it on. Tighten the screws and you are done!

Can i get a discount for a large order?

Yes, for orders over 6 covers. Please contact us.

What is the returns policy and/or procedure?

Our returns policy can be found HERE

Can i screw them to the floor?

The current design does not allow for that but you could modify them by drilling two holes in the shell of the cover to fit them to the floor.

Can i multi stack them?

Yes, however the fitting will need some careful measurement. Talk to us!

Do they affect the manufacturer's warranty?


How easy are they to remove if an engineer needs to service my AC?

Very easy! Simply loosen the 4 screws and lift the cover off.

Where can we buy them?

Directly from our web shop and selected distributors in Spain. Our network of providers is expanding so please keep checking the website for options.